Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fluency Tutor for Google

So I just recently found out about this tool from this great article from Shake Up Learning's latest blog post & thought I would share my insight! Best thing about it? It's free!

The tool? Fluency Tutor for Google. It's use? Progress monitoring for fluency. This is a repository of various reading passages that you can assign to your students & they can record themselves reading! What's awesome about this tool is the various things you & your students can do with it. First off, there are hundreds of passages that you can assign to students based off either their Lexile Level or Reading Age. Next, to assign them, you simply share the passage with your students Google account. Once you share the passage, it will appear in their Google Drive. How sweet is that?

So when they open this passage, there are a bunch of interesting things they can do with it. They can have the passage read to them. They can highlight any words that are unknown to them & either choose the embedded dictionary or picture dictionary! They can also record their passage!

What's awesome about this is that the tool records everything the students do & you can click & see everything they have done, from what words they highlighted to define, to how many times they stopped & started their recording!

One wish I have, which knowing Google, they will probably add this on later, would be an inclusion of a comprehension piece! Maybe sometime in the distant future!

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