Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Flippity Tools

Flippity is a website that has customizable templates that can be downloaded into Google Sheets to make your instruction a little more interesting. You can take these templates, download a copy into your Google Drive & start entering your own content in these templates! Once you finish filling out the template, there are very simple directions on the Flippity website on how to finalize your template & use it in the classroom!

Flippity currently only has three different templates available but they are all pretty useful! What's really nice about all three is that you can embed pictures, videos, etc. in them! (This is a wee-bit tricky, so comment on this post or email me if you want to learn how to do this!)

Quiz Show - Jeopardy - this template allows you to make a jeopardy style game w/ your class content. Makes for an exciting review day!
Flash Cards - this template lets you enter in concept words & their definition right into a Google Sheet & send this off to your students! The cool thing about this is you can update the Sheet at any time & your flashcards will update! Another cool thing is that you can print the flashcards into a short little quiz/worksheet!
Certificate of Completion - this template lets you make a multiple choice quiz, allows students to take the quiz & continue to retake it until they ace it, receiving a certificate of completion! The certificate is customizeable too if you wanted

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