Friday, February 27, 2015

AR Teacher Competition

Another thing I have been extremely proud of this year? My AR points! I have far exceeded the number of books I have read during the school year, and that's even with months to spare! What is the cause? The AR Teacher Competition I designed & implemented in our middle school!

Our district uses Google Apps, so it was incredibly easy to create & share a collaborative Google Sheets. I put in all the instructions directly on the spreadsheet & shared it with all participants! I then designed a separate sheet for each participant to keep track of their quizzes. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible on AR for teachers to take & keep track of their AR quizzes, so this is why I designed the spreadsheet to record said information for all participants.

I also used a couple formulas on the sheets so that each participant's total would be automatically updated every time a new quiz was added to the spreadsheet! (If you are interested in how to do any of this, please just email me your questions!) Feel free to use this spreadsheet if you are looking to start a teacher competition in your school!

I got 6 teachers to participate in our school, but I certainly wish it would be more! Recently, I decided on opening it to other schools. If your school is interested in joining the competition, or just you, please email me & I would love to add other teachers to the mix. It really is a fun thing to do, it gives me more reasons to keep on reading!

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